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The HSS Service Commitment

Hydrastatic Sales & Service is confident that we have all the skills to make a success of your business and that of your valued customers. When quality, expertise and service is needed you will find our dedicated staff ready to respond 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Service Images HSS Customer Product Training

Service Images HSS Customer Product Training 2

Customer Product Training

Due to the highly technical nature of the Parker Denison products which is compounded by the lack of expertise available in the market, we are often called upon to undertake product training by our customers.

We pride ourselves in the body of knowledge and experience we have gained over the years and are happy to share this information with our valued customers.

An estimated 75% of system failures occur as a result of contamination and we therefore include a valuable Contamination control module in our training from Schroeder filtration Products which our customers have found to be of great value.

Open Loop Piston Pumps & Motors Repair Facility

At Hydrastatic Sales & Service (Pty) Ltd we understand that access to the product and product spares alone is not enough, it is the expertise, knowledge, experience and service that makes the difference to the customer. Expertise, knowledge, experience and service is precisely what Hydrastatic Sales & Service is all about.