HOF High Pressure Vane

High Pressure Vane Pumps

HT Series | HT6ED, HT6C, HT6CC, HT6DC, HT7B

100% Replacement for Denison Vane Pumps and Cartridge Kits


  • Maximum pressure up to 320 bars

  • Available for single, double, triple and thru drive pump

  • Available for both mobile and industrial series

HOF Fixed VAne

Fixed Displacement Vane Pumps

HV Series | HV, HVQ, HV10, HV20


  •  Maximum pressure up to 175 bars (for HV10, HV20, HV200, HV2020)

  • Maximum pressure up to 210 bars (for HV and HVQ)

  • Available for single, double and thru drive pump

  • Available for both mobile and industrial series

Cartrage Kits

Cartridge Kits



  • All cartridge kits are bi-directional and tested


HOF Drive Coupling HC Series

Drive Coupling

HC Series | HC-28, HC-42, HC-55


  • Drive Couplings are made of steel reinforce Nylon sleeve with two steel drive
    hubs. The crowned teeth form gears permit axial and angular misalignment.

  • Easy to assemble and no maintenance or lubrication needed

  • After years of experience, our drive coupling has been developed to withstand
    higher torgue than other coupling in the market

HOF Suction Filter HF Series

Suction Filter

HF Series | HF-7, HF-13, HF-26, HF-53, HF-56, HF-92, HF-105


  • Suction Filters are made from stainless steel mesh grade 125 micron reinforced
    with metal mesh and engineering res- in for both ends. They are suitable for
    a wide variety of fluid system such as hydraulic systems. They can protect
    components in system, extend life and reduce breakdown for continuous
    equipment operation.

  • The direction of flow on filters is from outside to inside. Filters can be cleaned
    by blowing compressed air or liquid through the mesh from the inside during

HOF Return Line Filter HFR CROP

Return Line Filter



  •  Full flow filtration

  • 10 micron filter elements

  • Pipe ports

  • Spin-on, throw-away elements

  • Heads include 5 or 25 psi by-pass spring assemblies.

HOFLevel and Temperature Gauge HL

Level and Temperature Gauge

HL Series | HL-76, HL-127


  • HL-76, HL-127 is a level and temperature gauge for mounting on side of oil
    tank, fuel reservoirs, central lubrication unit, and etc. It is made of Aluminum
    casting, oil-resistant rubber gaskets, and plastic circular gauges for large
    sight area.

HOF Filler Breather Filter HB-2

Filler Breather Filter

HB-2 Range

HB-2 is a range of plastic air breathers and filler caps for protection of the tank against the solid contamination contained into the air and filling of the fluid into the systems during the commissioning and maintenance procedures. They are usually directly fitted on the tank.


  • Cover/Ring nut: Nylon

  • Filter element: Polyrethane

  • Flange: Nylon

  • Seals: NBR

  • Screws: Galvanized steel

  • Basket: Nylon

  • Temperature: -25°C to +100 °C

  • Flow rate up to 550 l/min

Common applications

  • Hydraulic systems

  • Mobile machines

  • Industrial equipment

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