Workshop Facilities

Workshop Facilities

Our facilities have been designed with the Parker/Denison Hydraulic product as its focus; we are therefore able to better support our customers with specific specialized servicing of the products in the range from the smallest 8cc/rev Pump to the largest 501cc/rev Pump.

Specialised Tools

Specialised Tooling


  • OEM compliant
  • Ensures that our repairs meet the quality standards required

Lapmaster Lapping Machine


  • A 3 station lapping machine is used for reworking internal pump & motor
  • The Lapping process is used to create a high accurate surface finish
  • A 500 grit diamond lapping powder mixed with lubricating fluid is used in the lapping process
Particle Detector

Particle Counter


  • Detects existing particles in the lubricating oil
  • Independent monitoring of system contamination trends
  • Early warning LED or digital display indicators for Low, Medium and
  • High contamination levels
  • Visual indicators with power and alarm output warnings
Optic lens

Monochromatic Light with Optic Lens

A Monochromatic Light & Optic Lens are used to measure the flatness of reworked components. Measurement of flatness is highlighted by different light band patterns.


  • Measures the flatness of reworked components
  • Highly accurate readings
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Proud Member of SAFPA

We are a proud member of the South African Fluid Power Association having met the admission requirements & Code of Conduct criteria; We have been graded as a Corporate Member of SAFPA.

Our Managing Director Paul Tift has served on the council of the SAFPA as a democratically elected council member.