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Workshop Facilities

Our facilities have been designed with the Parker/Denison Hydraulic product as its focus; we are therefore able to better support our customers with specific specialized servicing of the products in the range from the smallest 8cc/rev Pump to the largest 501cc/rev Pump.

HSS Test Bench

Our reconditioned pumps are subject to a full function test on our Dual station Test rig, at the 160kw Test station for the largest P30 Gold Cup units or the 75kw Test station for the smaller units. Our Test Rig is electronically linked to the workshop computer which produces informative real time test results for the customers records.

Workshop Specialized Tooling & Equipment

In order to comply with the OEM’s requirements specialized tooling is used to ensure that our repairs meet the quality standards required.

Lapping Machine

Three station Lapmaster lapping machine. Micron lapping powder & Lubricating fluid is used in the lapping process

Monochromatic light with Optic Lens

A Monochromatic light & Optic Lens are used to measure the flatness of reworked components. Measurement of flatness is highlighted by different light band patterns.


Workshop Facilities Images HSS Cross-reference


We believe you shouldn’t be tied down to any one product, therefore should you wish to change to our products we have the ability to Cross-reference other hydraulics pumps & motors in order to offer you an equivalent from within our product offering.

Workshop Facilities Images HSS Product Care

Product Care & Presentation

In order to protect our Pumps & Motors from contamination & external damage they are shipped in wooden creates, have all service ports plugged & sealed in a strong plastic wrapping.